How It Works


You’re looking for a financial wellness solution that is in line with your company culture and will address money management and financial planning for your employees. Whether you need a comprehensive financial wellness program or a personal finance speaker for an event, we’ll help you find your perfect match.

1) Sign Up

Sign up for the Financial Wellness Marketplace. You’ll be given access to the vendors. Complete the compatibility assessment to relay your criteria for a suitable financial wellness solution.


2) Concierge Service – Get Matches

Our unique compatibility algorithm will take your key criteria and match you with compatible vendors. Our staff will review and optimize the matches. You’ll receive the optimized list of compatible vendors. Check out their profiles to review information about their solutions, materials provided, and reviews.


3) Select Vendors

Select the vendors of interest from your list of compatible vendors. Once you’ve narrowed down which are the best fit for your event or employees, print off vendor profile summaries. These summaries are great to provide to any other team members for discussion.


4) Customized RFPs

An RFP can be a cumbersome document. We will draft and provide a customized Request for Proposal(RFP) to you. Once you approve it, we will send RFPs to your final list of selected candidates.


5) Get the Perfect Solution with an Uncluttered Email Inbox

Use the internal messaging system to communicate with your finalized list of vendors and determine which is the perfect fit for your needs No worries about messages flooding your email inbox. Use your assessment process to review the proposals and work out a contract with the selected experts or company.


Are you ready to get started? Join the Financial Wellness Marketplace.




1) Why apply?

2) No Fees whatsoever.

3) You’ll get support.

We know how hard it is to get awareness. We’ll do the “leg work” to match you with companies that are looking for you.We don’t take any of your money. There are no application, commission, or hiring fees. It’s your money. You earn it. You keep it.We offer tips, tools, and an online community of other experts. Share ideas, resources, and ask questions for success.

1) Apply for Free

Fill out the application to be included in the vendor directory of the Financial Wellness Marketplace. There are no fees to apply or be included. Your application will be assessed to make sure you match the financial wellness solutions we provide and you are in line with our terms of service.


2) Take the Assessment

Once you’re approved, you can officially sign up for the marketplace. You will complete an assessment to provide the additional information needed for your profile and to be assessed using the compatibility algorithm.


3) Complete Your Profile

Upload any demos, materials, speaker reels, references etc. that you have to showcase your solution and/or expertise.


4) Get Matched with Companies

The compatibility algorithm will match you with companies looking for the solutions you provide. Companies can also search and find you too. They will send you requests for event or program needs.


5) No Fees

You will not be charged any fees to communicate with companies. We also do not take any commission fees for any contracts that you create with companies.


Join the marketplace. Apply now.